The Idea behind NT Greek tutoring is to provide a personalised online tutoring experience so that you can learn to read the New Testament in the original Greek.

The service intends to customise your Greek learning experience to your personal needs within a much smaller and personalised environment than any seminary class ever could.

Smaller groups helps people learn more effectively because there is more time to the individual student. This means that I can meet your specific needs and questions with greater efficiency then a seminary teacher can resulting in a greater learning outcome.

The advantage of this style of learning is intimate learning in small cohorts where there is more interaction between me and each student, which secures a greater learning outcome in shorter time than traditional more class-based style of learning. The other benefit with this model is that it is more accountable than pure self-learning as the weekly meetings keeps the pace up. My courses also function as encouragement when learning becomes difficult essentially helping you form the habit needed to learn and maintain your Greek.

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